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Aug. 18th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Whooohoooo, first post! Go, obligatory sticky!

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I will be reposting all my (good) content onto this journal, but all my other old things can be found on my ModTheSims profile.

I also have Dreamwidth invite codes available... :3 Let me know if you need one!

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I love this outfit in TS3, and when I saw Trapping had converted it, I scrambled and made some recolors to fit my tastes. I prefer darker, jewel tones, and just had fun. :) Hope guys enjoy!

These are four simple recolors of this lovely outfit using the base textures provided by Trapping, as well as Aquilegia's linen texture for the pants. The files are labelled with the incredibly long project name, then coat color blouse color pant color (ie, brownwhitered) so you can easily remove those you don't want. The recolors are compressorized, and the mesh is included in the download! Oh, and these show up in both everyday and outerwear because why not. Enjoy!

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Oh, hi Sims world. Haven't seen you in a while! :) I've been too busy playing, and not creating! But, uh, I did some stuff, so expect some posts in the next few days! All Sims 2 creations because, well, that's what I create for and that's what I've been playing!

So anyways, these aren't anything special. I was recently on a fabulous 24 day cruise, and found myself playing The Sims 2 to relax while on board. Now... the only down side of cruising is the lack of internet. There is wifi on board- or something like $0.75 a minute. And it's rather slow... early DSL-speed. Earthlink and Juno, anyone? Anyways, at that price and that speed, I was NOT going to look around for downloads- and while I had some stuff predownloaded because I planned ahead, I was lacking some things. Namely, comfy undies/pjs for my ladies. So I made these.

Pictures & Downloads )

The textures are Maxis with a little bit of an texture overlay I made in Photoshop and a little cloning to get rid of the logos on the underwear. Nothing crazy, but cute and useful, in some bright and non-matching colors.

Available for YAF and AF, underwear and pajamas (I think- I may have mislabeled one or two). Files are labelled (tank color than panty color) so you can delete the ones you don't want. No mesh needed. Let me know if I did anything obviously wrong- I haven't created for AGES and clothes is, uh, not my strong suit, at all!

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This is a bit of a continuation of my Shooting Bullets set- and is just the lipglosses that go with the set. I'm not 100% on these, but don't think I'll be working on them further, so. Consider these 'as-is'!


Just some bright lips, again based on my other set (Burning Rubber). These have a much softer alpha, and there's tiny hints of my old lipsticks blended in for good measure. Feel free to modify the bajesus out of this- They have potential... just not in my hands. ♥
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And I'm back! Here's another make-up set for you, based on my last set but noticeably different (and in more colors).


This set was inspired by a photo I was going to originally recreate a long while ago, but computer problems prevented me. The texture is based on my old set, but modified to fit the set. The eyeliner comes in winged and unwinged flavors, and is based on an old eyeliner I made that was included with an old sim (I think it was this one), modified slightly. And... yeah! Enjoy!
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Wow... Hello, sims community! I haven't posted anything in, well, ages. I have been on and off with the Sims, but got inspired and decided to make a make up set for you all! It features eye shadows x10, eyeliner x10, and lipsticks x12. Whoohoo!

This set was really fun, and was a good way to get back into creating. This is 99% handpainted- some tiny pieces of alpha and texture were references from Pooklet, Bruno and Jessi. Full credits are detailed in the Read Me. Special thanks to Fofo, CuriousB, Jessy, Aquilegia, Captain Obvious and all the other lovelies in the Show Off Your Creations thread at GoS for all the advice!
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10/15, that's only five more to complete! Aaaand, it's my first guy. Yay! Can you tell I don't like making dudes?


I based his character off of Dorian Gray Syndrome, where you want to be forever young, in a nutshell. So I made a man with a fairly classic face, and a youthful flush- but with a concerned expression, because he knows he will only be young for so long. That, or I made him because he looked good with that hair... Whichever you prefer!
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09/15... when laziness began to set in for screenshots and I was just desperate to get 'em done!


Fox was hard for me to do... I didn't know which direction I wanted to take her. So I made a sim with a cute heart-shaped face, with a narrow chin, and fuller lips. I went for reds and oranges in the coloring, and gave her a slightly tanned skin.

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8/15. Over the half-way mark. :'D FEAR TEH PINK!


Cotton Candy... I went for pink. Lots of pink. Big eyes, happy smile, fluffy hair. I hate cotton candy, personally... It is way too sweet. So I tried to make a girl a little too typically-cutesy to fit into my game. I ended up liking her, though... who can deny those blushy cheeks?

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Whoohoo, 7/15~! Just a smidge half-way there. Awesome.


Sloth is my favorite from the group- I wanted a friendly looking sim, with a round face and super-comfy clothes. She looks casual and sweet. I'd imagine she'd do well in a slacker career, or as a stay-at-home mom. She looks slightly sad- probably embarrassed that she doesn't like to get out much.

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Continuing one, here's the next submission to the GoS Sims Challenge!

Venus- my first thought was Sailor Venus, from Sailor Moon... I've been rewatching the series, so my head's kind of in the clouds. So, I made a blonde... in a pretty blue dress. *shrugs* I wanted her to be beautiful but strong, being a goddess and all. I quite like her, despite the weak description I just gave her~